Villa Medina

Villa Medina is located in the Limeridge Mall food court, and seems to be gracing food courts from London to Halifax, and also Alberta (sorry Winnipeg). They claim to have “Perfect Shawarma”, it’s even printed on the wrap paper. I’m not so sure of that, let’s take an investigative look.

They have a nice display of their various offerings and a well designed, clear menu. The spits are on clear display, I like that. It adds a sense of legitimacy that might not be there otherwise in the mall food court. The gentleman behind the counter jumped to his feet and offered quick, friendly service. I was pleased with the selection of ingredients (hummus!) and happily received my order in a short time.

Wow, that’s one good shawarma! The chicken is super flavorful, some strong cinnamon notes, and is crispy as well. The various vegetables are well balanced together. The pita is tasty and tender, but it did suffer from some tearing toward the end. It is on the smaller side, you might want to consider getting a Super size for a couple extra bucks.

All in all this is a great shawarma, an 8/10. I’m not sure I’ll be going back though, and that’s for one reason: It’s two stall down from Arby’s.

Arby’s roast beef sandwich is delicious. That’s a fact. Thinly shaved roast beef on a sweet bun, you can’t beat it. It’s the best fast food joint out there. And then there’s the curly fries. They’re not just curly, they’re battered in this delicious paprika and garlic blend with just a bit of heat. Delicious!

Arby’s in Green Bay WI, 2018

Arby’s always likes to try fun new things, like venison sliders. Don’t bother, stick with the classic. Maybe add some Arby’s or Horsey if you’re feeling saucy. Stick that with some curly fries and a coke and you’re set. Arby’s stopped serving Dr. Pepper, unfortunately.

Arby’s in Hamilton ON, 2021

Here’s a fun one: Arby’s has a secret sandwich called the Meat Mountain. It has 7 kinds of meat and is 17 dollars. Perfect for an occasion! The whole staff team stops what they’re doing when this beauty is ordered, and gather round to watch this beauty be created.

And that’s my review of Villa Medina.

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