Dundas Shawarma

Before you smart asses get going: “In the year 2001, the town of Dundas amalgamated with the city of Hamilton. It’s no longer considered to be its own town, but a community of Hamilton.” So it counts.

Sleepy Dundas town finally got a shawarma shop. Knowing Dundas, it’s going to be small, cute, and slightly expensive. Dundas Shawarma (proud owners of dundasshawarma.com) came on the scene a few years ago with a noble mission: Provide the good people of Dundas with shawarma. It seems to have been a success, the community sure seems to appreciate them. Located on historic King St (Dundas), it’s right in the heart of town near lots of food and shopping options. (Special shoutout to Records on Wheels for having such a great used section.)

As soon as you walk in, you will see a nice counter and a straightforward menu. Between those two things you will also see a gentleman working his butt off. Dundas Shawarma Man was making 4 orders at once while the phone rang off the hook, I felt for him. It was after 1 pm too, so past the lunch rush. I was interested to watch him go, completing all his orders in an impressive fashion, until I could squeeze my own order in. After a few minutes, my wrap was ready, as well as 3 rice dishes for other customers.

This is a solid shawarma, densely packed and surprisingly heavy. The pita holds up well, not even considering loosing any of its many contents. There’s good balance between meat and vegetable, and the vegetables were heated enough to soften up a bit. Unfortunately, it had cooled down a fair amount on the long trip home from Dundas, but that’s my fault. It’s a bit light on the sauces, I’d consider asking for extra next time.

So all in all we have a nice shawarma on our hands. If you’re already in Dundas, consider checking it out. I’m going to award Dundas Shawarma the 2022 hamiltonshawarma.com Award for Best Shawarma in Dundas. 7/10

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