Falafel February: Yimee’s

Recommended reading: Yimee’s

We’re back this week at Yimee’s, which you may recall makes a darn good shawarma, particularly their garlic sauce. Falafel can often be served with tahini based sauces, but how does it pair with garlic? Let’s find out.

On this fine evening, Yimee’s was being staffed by two younger gentlewomen, probably about college age. They were pleasant and effective in taking my order and got right to work. At this point, a moustached gentleman came out of the back with a warm glow about him. Old enough to be the dad of the other two, he was smiling and singing softly to himself as he moved about the kitchen. Could this be Yimee himself?

This fine fellow then exceeded my expectations by pulling out some ground chickpea mixture and packing it into puck shapes, then putting them in the fryer. Fresh falafel! Now that’s a treat.

Now this is good falafel! Crispy, flavourful and still warm from the fryer. Put that together with their wonderful sauces and into their highly regarded sandwich and you have an instant winner. I was very hungry and ate this in 90 seconds. Try it yourself! 9/10.

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