2022 hamiltonshawarma.com awards

Welcome dear friends and readers of hamiltonshawarma.com. Another year has come and passed and we’ve made new friends, overcome new obstacles, and tried shawarmas old and new.

Shawarma is something special, worth celebration on its own. But sometimes a shawarma stands out in a special way. Sometimes a shawarma restaurant does something unique worth commendation. I’d like to take a moment to share a few special shawarmas with you.

Most Surprising Shawarma: Avesta Pizza & Grill

Formerly described on this site as “Avesta Restaurant” and “Avesta Kurdish and Mediterranean Cuisine”, they seem to be finally getting some consistency in their branding. From the awkward quietness of the restaurant upon entering, to the awkward ordering of the shawarma, to the long long wait for it, I had a bad feeling about Avesta. Thankfully I was wrong and it was a great eat!

Least Surprising Shawarma: Perfect Plate.

From being the only store left in the taped off food court in a dead mall (Fully dead as of Jan 2023), to the burnt out letter in “Perfect”, to the high pitched humming permeating the building, I had a bad feeling about Perfect Plate. My suspicions were confirmed when I was given a wrap that doesn’t taste like shawarma and blew up in my hands within 5 minutes.

Best Falafel: Lulu’s Shawarma

Lulu’s always cooks their falafel when you order it. It’s always hot, crispy and delicious. Lulu’s gets a lot of commendation for being the best shawarma place downtown, and it’s well deserved. Oskee Wee Wee!

And with that, dear reader, it’s time to announce the 2022 hamiltonshawarma.com Shawarma of the Year

And it took very little time to determine this year’s winner, Phoenicia Food Express. You always get top quality shawarma from Phoenicia, great service, and a unique feeling of delight that you found some of the best food you ever had while buying gas. Our readers agree, Phoenicia also wins the 2022 hamiltonshawarma.com Readers’ Choice Award:

Kudos to Timmy’s, Cedar, and Yimee’s, all coming close but Phoenicia comes out on top. Congratulations to the entire Phoenicia team for your contributions our city’s great shawarma scene!

Best Reader: You

Yes you! (Also Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006.) Thank you for joining me on this shawarma journey, for all the suggestions, for eating shawarma and telling me what you think. Stick around for another year so we can try more new shawarmas, and shawarmas that don’t exist yet. You’re great. 10/10.

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