PSA: Afshar’s Shawarma & Grill.

Dear readers and friends of, it is with a heavy heart that I share this news. Afshar’s Shawarma & Grill is no longer of this world.

Formerly Bastoni’s Shawarma & Grill, Afshar’s has been gracing downtown for years and years, serving many happy bargoers. Home of what was possibly the best shawarma downtown, and easily one of the greatest gentlemen to ever grace the business, it will be missed.

I was looking forward to telling you all about Afshar’s. About all its wacky ingredients to avoid. About it being across from the Tim Hortons with all the stabbings. About a gentleman who always calls you “my friend”. About a great shawarma that would have been an 8/10. But now we will have to keep these things in our hearts and memories.

Light a candle for Afshar’s. Remember Afshar’s.

(the shawarma I got at Vida instead was better than I originally reviewed, a 7/10)

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