Jackson Square Pita Pit

As I walked down the evil corridors of Jackson Square, I spotted a curious sight:

Pita Pit now serves Halal Chicken Shawarma. Was it not halal before? Did they just not have one of the most popular pita dishes on Earth? Whatever it was, good thing they corrected that. I should give it a try.

So I headed on down to Jackson Square the next time I was hungry. Making my way through human waste, people fighting with cab drivers, and some folks preaching the gospel, I arrived inside Jackson Square and made my way to Jackson Square Pita Pit.

The grumpy teenager behind the counter quickly greeted me and took my order. I slid down the counter to a truly overwhelming amount of toppings. Maybe this is your place if you want roasted red peppers and carrots on your shawarma, but I decided to play it safe and go with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber. The grumpy teenager worked quickly and I had to stop him from wrapping it up to ask for hot sauce and garlic… aioli? Okay, sure.

At this point a line was growing. A gentleman in the back was slowly washing the brick wall and began to give many instructions to the grumpy teenager, who appeared quite frustrated with each new task. My food was ready at this point, I enjoyed the free entertainment while I waited.

It’s not a good shawarma, folks. The hot sauce must be Tabasco, it isn’t very spicy and the entire wrap tastes like vinegar. The lettuce is unpleasantly crispy, you can feel it on your teeth. I can’t even detect the presence of chicken, I pulled out an individual piece and it was tasteless. I guess when they say “pick a protein” they mean it. And to make matters worse, it’s easily the most expensive shawarma we’ve had here on the website: $12.50!

Jackson Square Pita Pit should stick with what they know: selling flavourless meat swimming in tzatziki sauce. How dare they disgrace shawarma’s good name with this garbage? 2/10

Next week, I will show you what good shawarma is all about.

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