Firestone Pizza, Wings, & Shawarma

I wanted Afshar’s, but they were closed. Firestone Pizza, Wings, & Shawarma is one of those pizza places that also serves shawarma. You know the type. It’s the one at Main and Queen. I don’t know much about the place, it doesn’t draw the eye, and nobody talks about it. But there’s one thing I do know about it: Jordan “Leplyn” Dowe, rival internet food writer, just wrote this vicious piece about it.

Leplyn obviously never went to the late Shawarma Hut. That place was truly horrible. Think ground meat served on a tortilla with mayonnaise. Anyways, that seems like a claim worth investigating.

Firestone gives up very “pizza place” vibes, which is not surprising whatsoever. The gentlewoman behind the counter quickly took my order and clarified if I was looking for a shawarma wrap or plate. She listed off all the available ingredients, and I accidently said yes to tzatziki, hope that doesn’t go too bad. She started fixing it in the back while fielding calls for pizzas. No shawarma calls. After a few minutes my possible worst-ever shawarma was ready.

It was…. fine? The meat was decently tasty, but also dry. The pita and veggies were nice, but I wish they got toasted more, they were too soft/crispy respectively. I think the hot sauce was Frank’s. They didn’t actually put tzatziki on it, thankfully.

So should you go to Firestone Pizza, Wings, & Shawarma? No, I wouldn’t bother unless you already have your mind on Afshar’s and they turn out to be closed. (What is up with that place? It was like 5pm.) You won’t be disappointed at least. 5/10

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