La Luna Express

La Luna Express: It’s La Luna but faster! La Luna is a Lebanese restaurant in town that’s been around for decades and is well loved. La Luna Express is a bit of a fork from that, serving Lebanese cuisine in mere minutes. Known well by those who frequent the General Hospital, there’s also a location on James South.

It’s a clean, well decorated place. A large television was happily showing off the football game. The menu boasts a selection of shawarma and shawarma-adjacent things (tawook, kafta, etc), and curiously a sausage sandwich. I’ll stick with the chicken, thank you.

The gentlewoman behind the counter took my order well, but did not ask me what I’d like on the shawarma. No worries, surely the gentleman preparing the food will do the asking. And so I stood silently until my name was called and my zero-input shawarma was handed to me.

It’s a concerning trend. Is shawarma heading the way of McDonald’s? Where you simply ask for “a Big Mac” and you receive “a Big Mac?”. This shawarma had lettuce, tomato, pickles (no thank you), and hot sauce. I’m not even sure if there was any garlic on it.

The chicken was a bit dry and not especially flavourful. The pickles took away from my experience, but the veggies were nicely grilled and softened. I’m a fan of shawarma wrapped in foil, that you can tear off as you go.

La Luna Express quickly delivered to me a rather forgettable experience. I imagine some of their other offerings do a bit more, but as for the chicken shawarma, I wouldn’t bother. It’s also on the pricey side too, 9 bucks after tax. Not a lot of bad or good with this shawarma. 5/10.

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